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For many, business travel means lots of flying, long meetings, dinner events, and checking into a hotel exhausted. Team members at World Famous Events know that, even when you’re traveling, staying healthy and fit can be important to your mental functioning and long-term success. Here are a few tips to help you stay in shape, even when you’re on the road:

• Check Your Hotel’s Exercise Facility: Often underutilized, most hotels have nice exercise rooms and even pools where you can swim a few laps in the evening or take a spin through the weights first thing in the morning. Some hotels also offer access to yoga channels on their TVs or in-room exercise equipment.

• Bring a Workout With You: If you’re accustomed to working out first thing in the morning, bring your workout with you. Calisthenics, which don’t require a gym or any special equipment, can still get your heartrate up if performed properly. World Famous Events associates have traveled with instructions from their gym, workout videos, and workout apps that allow for great 30-minute workouts.

• Eat in Your Room: If you’re not required to eat a fancy meal, try to eat in your hotel room instead. Most hotel rooms offer mini-fridges that will fit your morning yogurt or evening salad. If you’re going to be staying somewhere a few days, a quick trip to the grocery store can take care of half your meals and keep you healthy.

Keeping to a diet and exercise routine while you’re traveling is completely possible if you plan in advance and commit to making it happen. A little effort to keep you on track will also mean your trip is more productive. For more business travel tips from World Famous Events, check out our blog at