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It is a core value of World Famous Events to listen carefully to one another’s needs. As a leader, if you find that you could use a bit of a boost in this area, read the following tips designed to help you listen intently.

Make every company meeting a feedback opportunity. World Famous Events’ leaders realize that individuals need to be heard. This will make them feel fulfilled in the workplace and more productive overall. Even if it is only for 10-15 minutes per week, allowing time for feedback will show your associates that they matter.

Discuss backup options for difficult situations. World Famous Events’ leaders know that individuals need backup plans and are not always likely to step up and ask for help. Make it a habit to give resources to your constituents, and follow up with a strong open-door policy for problem-solving purposes. This creates an environment that is set on resolutions and growth instead of a constant need for unhealthy levels of perfection.

Organize a department-wide lunch. Scheduling monthly lunch outings allow the work environment to be laid back for a bit. This forms open lines of communication between executives and associates. Ask your people relevant questions during these outings, such as, “How are we doing with communication on our team?” You will get some needed insight.

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