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Millennials make up a large part of the World Famous Events workforce. When you have a team of millennials, the best way to lead them is by accepting that they are different from older generations, with unique life goals and priorities. Good leaders of millennials have learned that the following leadership traits work:

• Provide Mentoring: Millennials know they’re going to advance over the course of their careers and are looking for leaders who will mentor them. They want insight into how they can gain promotions to move up in a company, and what kinds of training and professional development they can take part in to make them better candidates for those roles.

• Harmony at Work: People prefer a work environment that doesn’t have interpersonal stress. Most millennials would prefer a manager who is gentle and encourages team support rather than being divisive and aggressive. Instead, we want World Famous Events managers they can respect and admire.

• Be Honest: Millennials want to know what’s going on outside their specific roles and value managers who keep them informed. A good leader is honest with their people, providing useful feedback and keeping them abreast of changes in the company.

Leading younger team members can bring out the best in a manager who truly cares about the people they lead. Follow World Famous Events on Twitter for more business and leadership insights.