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You may remember how happy getting a gift made you feel as a kid, but recall for a moment the first time you shopped for someone else, really thought about what you were going to get them, and then watched them open your surprise. Remember how good that felt, knowing that they were thrilled with your efforts and you’d bought just the right thing? When we engage in charitable activities at World Famous Events, we have those same great feelings of knowing we’ve done well.

The feeling of making someone else happy is powerful and has a stronger, longer-lasting effect than when you’re the one getting the gift. Giving back to others through charity has a similarly strong impact, especially if you’re able to clearly see the direct results of your actions reflected back at you in the smiles of a child you’re mentoring or a cancer patient who can now afford treatment. We work together to choose which charitable goals World Famous Events will pursue each quarter, so everyone has a chance to focus on something that really matters to them.

Spending money and time on others, regardless of your income, leads to general overall happiness. Give in a way that you’re confident will have a positive impact and choose a charity you know manages their resources wisely. Join the World Famous Events group on Facebook to help us choose the causes we support and join our fundraising campaigns.