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Recently, World Famous Events was verified by the Fair Business Report (FBR). Partnering with the FBR is a sign that we’ve created a positive, transparent, and empowering workplace for everyone on our team. If our company gathers positive reviews from our team members and peers this year, we can be recognized for the quality of our company culture.

For companies that gather 10 or more positive peer reviews over the course of the year, there is a special recognition as a Top Place to Work. This is something we believe describes World Famous Events exactly, so we believe we’ll be able to achieve the distinction. We provide great professional development opportunities. Our team also conducts charitable activities that matter to our associates. We believe we’re a great place to work and want to make sure everyone knows.

Company culture is important to our leaders. From team potlucks that give everyone a chance to get together outside the office to workshops that help everyone keep their professional skills honed, we want to give our team everything they need not only to succeed, but to be happy with their occupations.

Anyone interested in seeing our reviews should check out the World Famous Events profile on FBR here or follow us on Twitter. We’ll make sure to share the best snippets of the reviews as well as motivational material with our audience.