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The people at World Famous Events know all the up-to-date travel news. Let your associates gain knowledge of the following trends. Doing so just might aid them in their next business travel ventures.

• No More Big Brands: Smaller companies are taking over the travel industry. This includes airlines, hotels, and transportation options. Many small airlines offer inexpensive airfare and are gaining loyal travelers by offering amazing deals. Small bed and breakfasts are at the top of their game, bringing in business travelers who want a personalized touch in their lodgings. Furthermore, car companies like Lyft and Uber have risen above taxi services in some areas if impeccable reviews are found.

• Going Virtual: World Famous Events’ associates realize that the future of travel is right at their fingertips in the virtual realm. Most all travel companies and accommodations now take advantage of virtual online tours and fancy websites designed to catch your attention. Some companies have even tested out live streaming and online giveaways in order to win clientele.
• Technology for Everyone: World Famous Events’ leaders place importance on technological advances – especially for travel. This goes for business travel as well. The trendiest companies have their customers linked through mobile apps. Schedules, travel accommodations, and rides to and from the airport should all be a simple click away.

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