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Transparency is a much-acclaimed ideal for businesses, but how do you actually incorporate it into your company culture? The leaders at World Famous Events strive for transparency with team members, and for us, it means being open about what’s going on in the organization as much as possible. We share the ups and the downs with our associates and expect them to reciprocate.

While you may not be able to share everything with your entire team (since personnel matters are often handled in private), in general team and company success and failures should be open for everyone. Just as you would share and celebrate success, you should share failure. Don’t point to any one person or lay blame; simply state what happened and solicit additional feedback for correcting the issue in the future. Maybe some team building or a procedural change would help, and your associates are likely to have lots of ideas for what needs to be done. When their ideas are used, they’ll be invested in the process of making things work.

Just as you share what’s going on with the company, you should expect team members to share with you what’s developing and happening in their professional and personal lives. Listen with an open mind and then be willing to facilitate appropriate solutions.

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