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When you set out to build a company culture, you probably imagine a wonderful workplace where everyone works hard, gets along, and has a great time. You might be unsure, however, how to turn that dream into a workplace reality. At World Famous Events, our leaders have worked hard to build a company culture that everyone enjoys and have studied different tactics on how best to make it happen.

The first thing to do, when possible, is to take advantage of your location. If you’re choosing a new office, choose one that reflects the culture you want to build. A respectable law firm may want a historic building with lots of offices, conference rooms, and an air of permanency. A hip young tech company may want to be in the high-rise downtown or in a neighborhood where associates can walk to lunch easily.

Location isn’t always something you get to choose, but you can still build on this theme by creating the right ambiance in your offices, conference rooms, and break rooms. Decoration, windows, and resources all encourage people to interact and talk. At World Famous Events, we take suggestions from the team for drinks, snacks, and more to have on hand.

Finally, a great way to build culture is around cornerstone events and activities. Whether these are quarterly planning and goal-setting sessions that turn into team lunches and training or celebrations of success, having key events that everyone looks forward to is a great way to create culture and bring your people together.

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